Looking for DIY 3D printed drone project? After a little research I came across a very slick looking project on thingiverse. This one is inspired by the DJI Inspire. The DJI Inspire is a very popular yet a bit on the pricey for a drone and fpb camera combo.

According to a review by CNET, CNet editor rating gave 4 out of 5 stars, stating “THE BOTTOM LINE The DJI Inspire 1 offers an excellent aerial photo and video solution for professionals or well-heeled enthusiasts looking for a simple, ready-to-fly drone with camera-swapping potential.”

Thanks to thingiverse user CdRsKuL (located in the UK), he/she has chosen to share his quadcopter drone CAD files and electronic plans with the rest of the world. It appears they did their original 3d printed drone on a Davinci 3D printer. So if you have access to a 3D printer it should be much easier than starting from scratch.

You will need the motors, electronics, etc… but you can find the models and links to the electronic plans on CdRsKul’s thingiverse project page.

If you are truly inspired to take this project on, don’t forget to share pics with the rest of the  Thingiverse world and make a donation to CdRsKul if you can afford to do so.

Check out the following video showing the DIY 3D printed drone in action: