Cool 3D Printed Desk Organizers.


Today, we will explore several cool things to 3D print for your desk, all excellent ways to help take your desktop organization to a whole new level. Along the way, you can make your coworkers and friends jealous as you raise the cool factor of having a 3D printer at your fingertips.

Who knows, maybe you can save some time and make your day a little more productive with some desktop organization.

3D Printer Desk Organizer 1

First on the list, this cool phone/dock organizer. This one was designed by Proto3000. Very nice sleek design, with some useful compartments. An excellent choice to make your desk activities easier.

Designed by: Proto3000

Download from:


3D Printed Desktop Organizer 2

The next on the list is a customizable Desktop Organizer. Created to park your smartphone, pencils, cards, etc…. From a user named bayramov. 


Designed by: Bayramov

Download from:


3D Printed Spool Desk Organizer 3

A creative Desk Organizer, using old 3d printer filament spools. For those of you that hoard your empty spools, this is something you can create with them to give out as gifts to your friends, coworkers, and family. This one came from Matterhackers on MyMiniFactory website. Check this one out. 


Designed by: MatterHackers

Download from:


Desk Organizer 4: Tubes Edition

This one comes from Jorden on This is a very colourful desk organizer, utilizing individual tubes. Something that you can get creative with, doing different colours. There are  few parts involved with this one, a base, top and tray along with several size tubes. Enjoy this one.


Designed by: Jordan (aka Mad Monkey)

Download from:


Rugged Desktop Organizer 5

This is a nice clean and “rugged design”.  Made for ultimate desktop organization.  Made to hold USB sticks, sd cards, and a Casio calculator or phone.

DImensions 92mm W x 88mm L x 85mm H

Features 4 USB slots, 3 micro SD card slots, 3 SD card slots, pen and tool holder, and calculator. 

Talk about rugged desk organization!


Design by: Byzantium 3D

Download from:


3D Printed Modular Desk Organizer 6

Looking for some modular desktop organization? Look no further… this project was designed for a student virtual prototyping design challenge. Very innovative and you can build and keep on building. The name of this game is modular. Six different items to choose from, mix and match. To top it off, the designer included Tinkercad files so you can edit to suit your tastes. Excellent!



Design by: Jack The Pi

Download from:

Edit and make it your own on: Tinkercad


Chemist 3D Printed Desk Organizer 7

This one was created specifically to help organize a chemist desk, complete with NanoPutian text. For those without a chemist degree, they included an STL file without the NanoPutian text. What is a NanoPutian you ask? Cool synthetic organic molecules with chemical structures of human-like form. Cool stuff! 


Design by: Professor Maker

Download from:


Cute 3D Printed Desk Organizer 8

Here is one for those looking for something a little cute and a little different. A desktop organizer made from heart-shaped compartments for your paper clips, thumbtacks, pens, etc… This one is also from Myminifactory…


Design by: Brithawkes

Download from:


Simple Desktop Organizer 9

This one I labelled “simple” with three simple compartments for a note pad, remote controls, pencils n stuff! Along with the added phrase “I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own”. I think we have all heard this one before from Adam on Myth Busters… Reject Away!

Design by: Ryan1705

Download from:


Desktop Organizer Flower Pot – 10

OK, this one is really really cool. Very nice design of flowerpot that doubles as a 3D printed desk organizer. It will hold your pens, pencils, note cards, scissors, lip balm, gift cards and your favourite plant! The plant in the image is a rabbit’s foot fern. The excess water drains into the ring below. Maybe a succulent might make an easier less watering plant to put in its place. Either way, a very nice desk organizer.


Design by: JBoucher614

Download from:


Curvy 3D Printed Desk Organizer – 11

I had to include this one in the mix. It is a very simplistic but cool take on desk top organizer. Simply a 3D print designed to hold your pens and pencils. Has some nice curves in it and it should be easy to print. 


Design by: Happy Cactus

Download from:


I hope you all get some inspiration from this curated list of 3D printed desk organizers. If at least, to come up with your own designs. Please feel free to comment!

Stackable 3D Printed Desktop Organizer – 12

This one is another one of my favourites… You can stack, compartmentalize, and organize your desktop items. This works great if your like me, creating a lot of things and have bits of hardware, USB drives, pens, pencils, razors, etc… and need a good way to neatly arrange your items in easy to reach places. Enjoy!


Design by: Collin K

Download from


There you have it. Which one is your favourite? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Please share with us your opinion or experience.