This is an older article I came upon while combing the internet for cool information on 3D printing. It came from a makerspace blog located in Southampton, UK. A nice short tutorial on designing a new holster for a modified airsoft gun.

Starts with a little intro on what the model looked like in Autodesk123D all of the way to the finished product. A very short and sweet insight of the design process. If you enjoy, please leave a comment or click on one of the share icons.

On Saturday 7th August, SoMakeIt Member Lee came to the space with an interesting challenge. He had purchased a torch attachment for an Airsoft gun which he was using for a costuming project, but the large barrel of the torch meant that the gun no longer fitted in the supplied holster. So of course we decided that using 3D printing we could quickly make a replacement that fitted perfectly.

3d printed holster 2

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