3D Printing Saving Coral Reefs With the impending changes in our environment due to man-made pollution and global warming (whether manmade or just due to cycles of the Earth), the warming of the oceans and other bodies of water stand to have a great impact on most living things including putting our coral reefs at a serious risk of extinction. With the tender balance of nature this can in turn have a domino effect of consequences to the rest of the fish and living organisms that make our oceans their home.

This makes it imperative that we find alternative ways to keep our coral reefs healthy by any means necessary thus ensuring that all of the anemones, barnacles and many other dependent species can thrive.

The following article makes a case for how 3D printing is already doing a great job as one means of recreating the shapes, colors, and rough surfaces needed to keep the reefs teaming with living creatures alive and well…

“Humans have tried to create artificial coral reefs for years by sinking ships, dropping concrete blocks etc. into shallow water. These provide a hard, rock like surface for coral, algae, anemones, barnacles and many other dependent species could thrive. With the help of revolutionary rapid prototyping and 3D printing methods, this process can be improved dramatically as the 3D printed reefs can be better shaped into mimicking actual hard coral.

, she explains that usually, baby coral polyps are more likely to be drawn to reefs that are white or pink in color. Pink and white are colors of a healthy reef and the polyps prefer surfaces that are uneven; contain crevices, grooves and holes. This ensures their safety from being eaten by predators of being trampled. 3D printers are working for rapid prototyping of corals in order to recreate this kind of desirable environment for coral polyps to thrive.”

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