Here is another cool 3D print that you can do at home. A 3D printed skull, aka Maverick the pilot skull!

This one was submitted by Paul Braddock at

This was originally made as a pendant, however, people were asking for a more display friendly version, without the top loop.

We think it is above and beyond in detail when compared to most modeled skulls. Very creative use of detail in his design including the helmet and face mask.

This image shown here was printed by Paulo Ricardo Blank. Printed on a Minibot 120 3D printer:

maverick 3d printed skull 2Silver PLA

.15 mm layer height

50% Scale and 25% Scale from the original model.

Both at 40mm/s

Minibot 120 3D Printer Silver PLA 0.15mm layer 50% and 25% scale models 40mm/s print speed

You can view more user 3D prints and see the original model plus download at www. 

I would love to see any and all prints of this thing so please send to me if you would like for me to post and share here. (info @