Doing some casual research on Kickstarter, we came across a cool new 3D Printer that has some very cool features along with being very modular. Enjoying attachments for 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, and CNC carving. To top things off it is also made entirely of metal.

This machine looks to be a promising new entry into the small footprint of 3D printers. While it is not as bulky as some printers it packs a serious punch with all of the added cool features.

After many stages of analyzing the mechanical design and making prototypes, we’ve developed the Snapmaker 3D Printer to provide an enjoyable user experience. Moreover, It’s also a desktop makerspace, a combination of 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC machine with interchangeable heads. We can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have you help nurture this unique machine with us.

snapemaker 3D printer 2It appears that it is very easy to swap out each head for whatever your next project requires. The modular design makes it fairly inexpensive and affordable for most. The metal extrusions enable a low-cost machine but high tolerance capabilities.

Snapmaker has an innovative modular design, which enables a flat-packed and low-cost shipping, quick assembly, strong expandability and manufacturing cost reduction. In particular, we designed a new type of linear module, which can be used in any of x, y, z direction and performs high precision linear motion.

According to the manufacturer, you can setup the printer in under 10 minutes. 10 parts in 10 minutes seem like it is very doable. Not something you can say about many other 3D printers.

snapemaker 3D printer 3


No more hassle of prying loose your print from the print bed! Snapmaker comes with a hassle-free and reusable platform sticker, offering better results than traditional blue painter’s tape and glue sticks. Prints stick well on the printing sticker base and are easy to remove when completed.

Unfortunately, all of the $199 and $249 options are gone, but if you catch it early enough, you can get the next step up at $299 or more if you want to add laser engraver and/or CNC attachments.

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